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It was thus said that the Great Dirk Laurie once stated:
> Like most threads, this one has wandered way off topic. I apologize
> insincerely for the fact that this will look on a threaded reader like
> a reply to Steve's most recent post.
> I have never grasped why people want lambda syntax. The following
> is the existing Lua syntax:
> > fct = λ (a,b,c) → 10*(10*a+b)+c ▪
> > print(fct(2,7,3))  --> 273
> I actually have just made a simple hack of the Lua interpreter that
> did the above.
> I.e. there is nothing verbose about the syntax, people are just too
> lazy to type 'function', 'return' and 'end'.


  -spc (Who is becoming convinced that more and more programmers don't
	really want to type anything ... )