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On 04/28/2017 07:32 PM, Martin wrote:
> If anyone interested in such efforts, I may convert whole Dirk's
> dictionary to some graph (because it's interesting for me).

Well, I've drew dictionary graph anyway.

I'm providing link to both source yEd graph file and one of it's .svg

Hope it will help author spot places where too much or too few
links (or link goes to different logic layer).


There is a mess. I think it's because of

  * planar graph representation.

    Sadly yEd is unable to create 3D graphs.

  * lack of logic layers.

    Again, yEd is not good for representation of clustered graph.
    This may be partly mitigated by coloring nodes/edges.

  * graph is not a hypertext.

    It's convenient to read dozen of lines with six links but when
    this is represented as graph it clutters.

Anyway I hope someone catches idea of representation information
in visually linked format. For this purpose there should be another,
more simple graph but node annotations with examples are good anyway.

(I've tried this approach some time ago and stopped myself in
drawing by pen on paper. This is not considered modern in 2017
but it works best for me.)

(There are also some books based on hand-drawing approach. Most of
them are outstanding. I'd wish to mention Randall's Munroe "Thing
Explainer" here. (Also there was a nice book about Pascal programming,
forgot it's name.))


In process, I've read whole dictionary and spotted some broken places:

broken links to:
  floating-point (from ?)
  libraries (from "debug")
  declaration (from "initialize")

broken text:
  "%%  -- The way to represent a percent sign in a pattern.
  "prompt" text formatting

questionable formulation:

  * "a = b; func(1,2,4)  -- two statements, separated by a semicolon"

    I consider ";" as a null statement. From this point of view there
    are three statements.

  * "Visible. See scope"  and a link to both "visible" and "scope"
    from "shadow" definition.

-- Martin