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The storage alignment of strings and userdata are both enforced
through a union with the `L_Umaxalign` structure.  For luaL_Buffer, an
allocated buffer must be aligned by the `allocf` (as are strings and
userdata), but there is the case where luaL_Buffer is a static
variable or on the stack, and in this case there is no enforcement.
With the current definition it must be at least 4 byte aligned on 32
bit systems (8 byte on 64 bit) because it follows a pointer.

Given that we can store binary data in strings in Lua, and this can
safely be extracted from a string due to its alignment requirement,
can we please have the same alignment guarantee on the luaL_Buffer
`initb` field so that we can build binary structures for storage in
strings through this API.

For my use I just converted the `char initb[LUAL_BUFFERSIZE];` field
to `union { L_Umaxalign dummy; char b[LUAL_BUFFERSIZE]; } init;` but I
had to shuffle some header file definitions to make everything visible
as required.  I then just changed any occurrence of `initb` with
`init.b`.  Not sure if this is the best solution.