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On Thu, Mar 30, 2017 at 7:37 PM, Fabien <> wrote:
> Lua lets you very free to express yourself creatively, but as soon as you
> work in a multi-people context, it inflicts other people's creativity upon
> you: that is way less entertaining.

Definitely the best quote of the week!  I remember using pylint once,
and found it the most opinionated piece of software ever. But maybe
strictness is goodness? Maybe enforce things like naming convention
(i.e. pick one and stick to it), indentation (some still think it's
optional) and so forth. No doubt other people would find it irritating
as well because it takes away the freedom to play.

As for OOP, better to bring in something that's documented than roll-your-own.

Documentation is an issue, and the solutions are not technical.  For
instance, Go makes it very easy - just write some comments before your
functions and types, and it will be presented nicely using the
documentation browser.  So the horses brought to the water have no
excuse, except they still do not drink.

Luadoc has allowed doc comments in C extensions for a long time now -
although let me say that per-function documentation is necessary but
not sufficient for a good documentation experience   - there has to be
somebody adding examples linked together with text.

Anyway, [0] expresses the creative and free nature of Lua, which fits
with my private mental model of Lua being the cute Brazilian cousin of
Python. ([1] is the full set)