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Hi All,

I'm happy to announce the second release of lua-psl.

lua-psl is a set of bindings to libpsl, a C library that handles the
Public Suffix List (PSL).
The PSL is a list of domains where there may be sub-domains outside of
the administrator's control.
e.g. the administrator of '.com' does not manage ''.

This list has found use in many internet technologies including:
  - preventing cross-domain cookie leakage
  - allowance of issuing wildcard TLS certificates

This release includes:
  - Fix crash when trying to load a psl file under lua 5.1
  - Set __name in metatable in lua 5.1 (fixes broken test)
  - Bind new functions in libpsl 0.16 (.dist_filename and .latest)

  - Homepage:
  - Documentation:
  - On luarocks:
  - Me:
  - libpsl: