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One of the features in Ravi is a binding for LLVM api, so that you can
construct LLVM IR from within Ravi. However, LLVM IR coding is very
tedious so I am not surprised that I haven't heard anyone trying this
out. So for a while I have been thinking of a way to provide an easier
approach to this.

Terra (  has taken the approach for creating a C
like language that is essentially C but has Lua like syntax to achieve
a similar goal.

I love C (have loved it since I first learnt it) and so I thought it
better to provide a C language based approach. I have been spending
some time on exactly this.

dmr_C ( is an attempt to
create a light weight C front-end for LLVM. It is based on a project
called Sparse that is not as well known as Linux or Git - but was
created by Linus Torvalds several years ago.

The project is making good progress. The next step is to create some
bindings for Ravi/Lua.

I think once fully implemented there are interesting possibilities.
The library has a full fledged C pre-processor, parser, and has its
own SSA IR. The API is a bit low level, so work is needed to expose
the data structures in an easier manner.

I thought folks here might find it interesting - please accept my
apologies for an off topic post.

Thanks and Regards