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On 25-Mar-17 11:42, steve donovan wrote:
Interesting! We had Lua for Windows and it created satisfaction for a
while - well-curated but not buildable from source, and tied to that
old dreadful VS 2005 runtime.  A worthy successor is LuaDist's
'Batteries' project but there really hasn't been enough time and
energy put into a seamless experience.

And a seamless experience is what is expected of modern software. Actual language qualities are appreciated much later, and unfortunately not by all.

I've always found the determination of people to hate 1-based indexing
puzzling. After all, it's not an offset, it's an index.

Ingrained habits are hard to break, especially for people used to a single language or a single programming paradigm.

But each to their own. I'm a happy Lua scripter and there's too much
damn magic in Python.

Too much of everything, I would say. Language and libraries seem to exhibit a high degree of redundancy :-)

To sum it up, I do not think chasing majority approval would be a good recipe for a work well done.