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On 04/03/2017 16:01, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
On 03/03/2017 12:14, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
Hi all!

Browsing the ref man of Lua 5.3.4 I stumbled on this.

In section 3.2 it's written:

The meaning of accesses to table fields can be changed via metatables.
An access to an indexed variable t[i] is equivalent to a call
gettable_event(t,i). (See §2.4 for a complete description of the
gettable_event function. This function is not defined or callable in
Lua. We use it here only for explanatory purposes.)

but in section 2.4 there is no mention of that "fake" gettable_event
function. In fact there is no other mention to it in the whole manual!

Could it be a remnant of older reference manual versions (I faintly
recall something in 5.1 manual) that escaped recent editing?


-- Lorenzo

Sorry for replying to my message, but it appears that also
the`settable_event` function has the same "problem": it is first cited
in section 3.3.3 (at the end), and the text there direct to section 2.4
for further explanation, but no further mention to it is present in the
whole manual.


-- Lorenzo

Sorry to bump this thread, but I had no feedback at all in more than 10 days, I guess maybe because people were busy for the Moscow event.

Now it is swamped by more recent threads, and since I think it is somewhat important so here it is again.