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On Tue, Mar 14, 2017 at 7:22 AM, 云风 Cloud Wu <> wrote:
> Linking dlopen() and dlsym() on iOS is forbidden by apple now.
> So I suggest add this into luaconf.h
> #if defined(TARGET_OS_IPHONE) && defined(LUA_USE_DLOPEN)
> #endif


If I understand the thread correctly, it applies only to the app store
and only to cases when code "passes arbitrary parameters". It is not
equal to banning this function on whole the platform. If the code is
not put to the app store or if dlopen is used to open DLL which is a
part of the same app, it seems OK from the thread. Which is not OK
from the thread is downloading DLL from remote servers and loading
them to the app.

Best regards,
Boris Nagaev