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On 02/26/2017 11:07 AM, Herbert Leuwer wrote:
> I’m glad to announce LuaGRAPH 2.0. it can be downloaded or cloned at
> github:
> LuaGRAPH is a binding to the graphviz library. It allows to create,
> manipulate, layout and render graphs using the Lua programming language.

Glad that other people use this good graph visualization package!

Can I just construct and serialize graph to .gv file with this

Ideally I await interface like

  local gv_graph = c_gv_graph:create()
  gv_graph:add_edge('A', 'B')
  gv_graph:add_edge('A', 'C')
  gv_graph:add_edge('C', 'B')

  local gv_graph_str = gv_graph:serialize()

-- Martin