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I’m glad to announce LuaGRAPH 2.0. it can be downloaded or cloned at github:

LuaGRAPH is a binding to the graphviz library. It allows to create, manipulate, layout and render graphs using the Lua programming language.

The binding now bases on the newer `cgraph´ library of graphviz, which allows to follow the newest graphviz versions.
Also, Lua support was extended to versions 5.1 to 5.3. Support for Lua 5.0. was dropped.

LuaGRPAH 2.0 has been tested under MacOS Sierra and Linux.

The library compiles, loads and runs also under Windows 10 using MinGW or VC2015. However, the running program crashes with an access violation after calling
some of the functions provided by cgraph.dll or gvc.dll. I suppose this is caused by incompatibilities in the runtime libraries required by Graphviz 2.38 
(binary distribution), the Lua interpreter and the LuaGRAPH DLL. Due to lack of older Visual C versions I’m not able to align the versions. Any help on this issue is welcome.

Herbert Leuwer