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On Feb 21, 2017 10:40 PM, "云风 Cloud Wu" <> wrote:
Dibyendu Majumdar <>于2017年2月22日周三 上午5:12写道:
I am not a games programmer and do not know whether interpreted Lua is
good enough in this case.

I have been a game programmer for 20 years, and use lua since 4.0 . I think lua is good enough for game project because it's easy to embed to game engine. We need a flexible dynamic language for  gameplay  and GUI , and the performance only exists in game engine, which is written by C or C++.   I remember that I have tried to embed lua, python, _javascript_ to my game engine for my first MMORPG project in 2001. lua is the best choice, because its less memory overhead, and we can easily manipulate the memory usage (We should run the game client in 64M Ram).
Lua has even been used in some Nintendo DS games, which have only 4M of RAM. (However it had to be modified to use fixed-point math.)