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Hi Eric,

On 21 February 2017 at 02:39, Eric Wing <> wrote:
> I gave this talk at the Lua Workshop this past year "A Lua embedder
> thrown into the JavaScript world".

I had a quick look at your presentation. Thanks for sharing.

Last year I had the idea of extracting the new B3 JIT component
( from
JavaScriptCore so that I could use it to replace LLVM. LLVM is a very
big and very slow compiler (when compared to LuaJIT)  so I am always
looking for a leaner and faster solution. The B3 blog post above made
it look like this was a fairly standalone component.

While doing this I tried to build just the B3 component. It turned out
to be a lot of work as B3 seems to have lot of dependency on the
internals of JavaScriptCore. I just did not have the time to sort this
out so gave up on it. Additionally, I was disappointed that the B3 JIT
had dependency on ICU (via WTF) and Core Foundation Lite. This is sad
as these components have nothing to do with a JIT engine.