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Hello! I needed an annotation library, for annotations. So I made an annotation library. It's called Annotation^, or APow.



- Uses itself to define the annotation annotation (kinda).
- Simple API.
- Adds annotations.
- All rights reserved.
- Tiny. Less than 512 bytes.

To use it, just require "apow".annotation ^ function(self, target) [your annotation handler here] end.

For example, here's a simple module that defines a notnil annotation:

- - -
local apow = require "apow"

local notnil = apow.annotation ^ function(self, target)
  if target == nil then
    error("value must not be nil")
  return target

return {notnil = notnil}
- - -

Which can then be used as follows:

- - -
local notnil = require "notnil".notnil

local function f(x)
  x = notnil ^ x

assert(pcall(f, 1))
assert(not pcall(f, nil))
- - -

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