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Hi Peter,

On 12 January 2017 at 15:23, Peter Aronoff <> wrote:
> Dibyendu Majumdar <> wrote:
>> Would it not be better though if you could upgrade to the next version
>> without having to change things?
> I think you mean this to be a rhetorical question: the answer to you seems
> to be an obvious yes. I can understand some reasons why you might think
> that. Less work is better. Stability is nice.
> But I don’t think it’s a rhetorical question (really), and I don’t think
> the answer is obvious. There are always trade offs—you hint at this below
> when you talk about C++. If a guarantee of backwards compatibility hinders
> the progress of a language or forces significant compromises in how the
> language evolves, then I think the answer to your question tilts towards
> “No.” Of course, opinions will differ.

Sure there are trade offs, and I accept that. I think Lua is a mature
language; for a young language, it may be necessary to make breaking
changes to correct serious issues. I hope that serious issues with Lua
have already been fixed. Hence the trade off towards a better
compatibility guarantee seems worth making.