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Lua 5.3.4 (rc2) is now available for testing at

Like all minor releases, this is a bug-fix release.
Lua 5.3.4 fixes all bugs listed in

Lua 5.3.4 also contains several internal improvements and
includes a revised reference manual:

The tarball is at

The checksums are
	MD5	a461d4ffd9d16266c9f24f53f0cb683f  -
	SHA1	60f8a6f6a7e57ac88fd1874ea00e3a12745c6355  -

The complete diffs from rc1 to rc2 are available at

The diffs are also available in unified format:

A test suite for Lua 5.3.4 is available at

We thank everyone for their feedback on Lua 5.3 till now.

All feedback welcome. Thanks.