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Hello list,

I would like to announce LuaConf 2017! 

Last year we had the first edition of LuaConf. It was created with the intention to facilitate networking, learnings and discussions among the local Lua community, since the main Lua language conference, the Lua Workshop, has been happening abroad for many years. Do not mistake LuaConf with the Lua Workshop. LuaConf is a separate conference and it is not organised by the Lua team.

I'm immensely happy to say that the first edition was a huge success! We had a big diversity of speakers, from multiple nationalities, in the academia or from the industry, coming from companies such as Twitter, CoronaLabs, Bloomberg, Shopify and others. It was a blast to see the auditorium full of attendees coming from different parts of Brazil and other countries, students and professionals. The topics presented included the design of Lua, machine learning, game and web development and there was a very beautiful artistic presentation by Elihú Mejía at the end. 

Since everything went so well, we decided to make a second edition of the conference! The next edition will happen on the 3rd of June, 2017.

We have secured the same venue as last year:
The RDC auditorium at PUC-Rio, the home of Lua. 

The tickets aren't available yet but I'll make a new announcement as soon as they are.

The call for presentations is open and talks can be in either Portuguese or English, all Lua-related topics are welcome. More info: (English) (Portuguese)

We also have plenty of sponsorship opportunities. If you or your company are able to support us in making this conference great, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 
More info: (English) (Portuguese)

Etiene Dalcol

Software Engineer @ Red Badger 
Lua Space