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tomas wrote on 12/28/2016 11:08 AM:
Hi Josh

I am searching for the same tool Luciano is asking for and I had found yours a promising solution. But I cannot find how to install it, although it seems pretty simple, since it is a lonely .lua file. I took a look at the code and found that it depends on other libraries, such as ziparchive and xmlize which I couldn't install either (these are C libraries; not so simple to install :-). I notice also that there is an issue reporting difficulties installing the library on Linux (which is my platform :-) and on a MacOSX:

Have you consider producing a rockspec? It should solve installation problems on both Linux and MacOSX...


I don't use LuaRocks and don't have any need of it. I've maintained the LuaPlus[1] distribution for a dozen or so years, and it has everything I need to build various modules under multiple platforms. Although they can be built in a standalone fashion, the xlsx, xmlize, and ziparchive modules are also built as part of the LuaPlus distribution using its build system JamPlus[2], a derivative of Perforce's Jam. (JamPlus is also bootstrapped as part of the LuaPlus bootstrap process, so only LuaPlus[1] is needed.)

If you want to build the ziparchive module yourself using your own preferred build system, have a look at the ziparchive.jam file for fairly 'English' build instructions. xmlize is just a single Lua file that uses LuaExpat.