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Am 26.12.16 um 10:29 schrieb Eric Wing:

>> Do you know the path where it extracts lib*.so files to?  If that is
>> known and constant, it could be possible to doctor CPATH so that require
>> loads those using dlopen().  Certainly something I want to give a try.
> It's in the preceding slide (33?). However, I forgot to say that you
> should never actually rely on that path. That is a private
> implementation detail and Google has refused to give us a public API
> for the path. Google is also pretty flippant about breaking
> existing/shipping binaries already on the store for those who use the
> NDK. For example, I've heard a surprising number of people were broken
> by the recent changes in the rules for SONAME.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I target two specific devices, the
Honexwell Dolphin 75e and CT-50, and I am in close contact with
Honeywell, so if they changed that location, I would know ;)