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On Dec 25, 2016 7:02 AM, "Marc Balmer" <> wrote:
> I am late to the game, but I recently started working on an Android app
> that includes Lua.  Fortunately I have quite a bit of experience with
> the JNI and several (non Android) projects where Lua is called from Java...
> Now I wonder how other Android/Lua hackers handle 'require' for modules
> written in C/C++.  Do you link your modules with Lua into a single
> library or do you create several .so files?  If the latter, how do you
> trick Lua into loading the right shared object?

With Storyboard we give the user the ability to list their binary modules and then preload them in the main android application by dlopening the files so that later when we retry within a secondary or tertiary module it succeeds.