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So this worked for the 1A but it didn't fix the problem with 0A. Help?
On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 12:12 AM Ulrich Schmidt <> wrote:
You need to open the file in "binary mode" eg:



Am 24.12.2016 um 08:57 schrieb Creation Elemental:

> Using the following code I have noticed that it stops reading a file if

> it reaches the character 1A (decimal: 26). Then, if it is trying to

> write the character 0A to a file it will write it as 0D0A. I looked at

> the file with a hexadecimal viewer. I also noticed that after it had

> been written as 0D0A, if I ran the file again, it would no longer add

> the 0D as the 0D was already present. If anyone can tell me why this

> happens (whether it is a problem with my code of with Lua or whatever

> that would be much appreciated


> lua code is as follows


> print("Enter File Path:")


> print("Enter Key:")

> k,g,,1,,"r")

> x,n,d=string.len(k),1,c:read("*all")

> c:close()

> print("Encrypting (0) or Decrypting (1)?")

> c,s,,string.len(d),,"w")

> while g<=s do

> b,e,n,g=string.byte(d,g,g),string.byte(k,n,n),n+1,g+1

> if n>x then n=n-x end

> if c=="0" then y=256-e else y=e end

> z=y+b

> if z>255 then z=z-256 end

> z=string.char(z)

> f:write(z)

> end

> f:close()

-Ken Peterson A.K.A. Elemental Creation