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Hello Lua list,

I am preparing to use Lua 5.3.3 in environments that include Microsoft
.Net C# ( and PowerBASIC (
under Microsoft Windows. In this process, I notice that lua_remove() and
other C API functions are defined as macros, and therefore not proper
Lua library entries. Of course, we are duly prepared for this, as
explained in the Lua 5.3 reference manual

  Even when we use the term "function", any facility in the API may be
  provided as a macro instead.

In practice, such a macro-defined C API "function" cannot really be
called from an environment that is not C/C++ and includes the customary
C language preprocessor. The error reaction that I get is

  Message: The specified procedure could not be found.

when calling the Windows API GetProcAddress() to find the address of
lua_remove() in the Lua library. (Which was built using the Microsoft
Visual Studio tool with -DLUA_BUILD_AS_DLL.)

For a fix to this problem, we note that lua-5.3.3/src/lua.h contains

  #define lua_remove(L,idx)       (lua_rotate(L, (idx), -1), lua_pop(L, 1))

thus telling us how to re-implement lua_remove() in the environments
where it is missing. (As a side remark, lua_pop() is also a macro,
requiring similar treatment as lua_remove().)

Another solution is to adjust Lua itself: For example, we could replace

  #define lua_remove(L,idx)     (lua_rotate(L, (idx), -1), lua_pop(L, 1))

in lua-5.3.3/src/lua.h by

  #define lua_removeMACRO(L,idx) (lua_rotate(L, (idx), -1), lua_pop(L, 1))
  #if !defined(LUA_REMOVE_AS_ENTRY)
  #define lua_remove(L,idx)     lua_removeMACRO(L, idx)

then add

  #if !defined(lua_remove)
  LUA_API void lua_remove (lua_State *L, int idx) {
    lua_removeMACRO(L, idx);

to lua-5.3.3/src/lapi.c so that


in lua-5.3.3/src/luaconf.h causes a suitable library entry for
lua_remove() to be defined.

The problem had actually become apparent at an earlier time, on finding
that lua_pcall() was a macro (lua-5.3.3/src/lua.h):

  #define lua_pcall(L,n,r,f)  lua_pcallk(L, (n), (r), (f), 0, NULL)

But this seemed less of a problem, since the required re-implementation
consisted of supplying constant parameter values only.

I have seached in vain for possible other solutions to this problem: The
missing lua_remove() library entry for recent (5.3.0 and later) Lua
releases has been reported by others, but the solution apparently only
involved re-building the calling (presumably C/C++) program.

Are there, perhaps, other solutions to this problem?

Many thanks and best regards
Thorkil Naur