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Hello list,

we are happy to announce that all talks for the Lua DevRoom at FOSDEM
2017 have been confirmed. We will have:

- LuaWt: Lua bindings for a C++ Web Toolkit library, by Pavel Dolgov
- Quick functional UI prototypes with Lua templates and mermaid.js,
  by Alexander Gladysh
- Next Generation of the LuaRocks test suite, by Robert Karasek
- Making wearables with NodeMCU, by Etiene Dalcol
- A different Lua JIT using Eclipse OMR, by Charlie Gracie
- LuaJIT for AArch64 and MIPS64 platforms,
  by Stefan Pejic and Djordje Kovacevic

The official page for the devroom can be found at [1], times are not
definitive and some details in the descriptions may change before the
event as well.

The devroom will be followed by a panel on "small languages", shared with
the Guile community, on which we will have Etiene Dalcol and Justin Cormack
representing Lua.


See you at FOSDEM!

Pierre Chapuis and Etiene Dalcol
Lua DevRoom @ FOSDEM organizers