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Hi Javier,

Thank you for you remark, but ljc eases everything because it does not rely on any C compiler or bytecode generation. These steps can be difficult for Lua newbies with no C knowledge...or even a true nightmare on the Windows platform.

Samir T.

Le mer. 21 sept. 2016 21:46, Javier Guerra Giraldez <> a écrit :
On 21 September 2016 at 19:55, Samir Tine <> wrote:
> it doesn’t translate Lua statements into machine code. Instead, it
> translates Lua source files to bytecode and uses the ljc runtime library.
> The ljcrt contains the virtual machine (Lua 5.3.3 or LuaJIT 2.1). ljc takes
> care of all required dependencies (Lua modules and Lua binary modules). It
> *does not* rely on any C compiler.

LuaJIT -b xx.lua xx.obj[1]   makes it trivial to bundle Lua + bytecode
in a self-contained executable.  As an exercise, I've written a
Makefile that compiles and links any .lua or .c present in a src/
subdirectory, making it easy to create dependency-free executables,
just like Go.