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Hi all,

ljc is a Lua to native executable compiler available only on the Windows Platform.

ljc produces standalone executables easily from Lua scripts. Ljc isn’t literally a true compiler : it doesn’t translate Lua statements into machine code. Instead, it translates Lua source files to bytecode and uses the ljc runtime library. The ljcrt contains the virtual machine (Lua 5.3.3 or LuaJIT 2.1). ljc takes care of all required dependencies (Lua modules and Lua binary modules). It *does not* rely on any C compiler.

The current version is 0.9 with the following features :
- Executable compilation with static or dynamic linking
- Dependencies checking (Lua source files and Lua binary modules)
- Support for console or Windows GUI subsystem
- Support for Lua (5.3.3) and LuaJIT (5.1)

For now, and the time to polish the code, ljc is closed source and available only on the Windows platform. As soon as the first stable version will be released (1.0), the sources will be available.

More information, documentation and download available at

Samir T.