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On 16-09-14 07:56 AM, Peter Aronoff wrote:
> Coda Highland <> wrote:
>> I'm not sure I agree with the choice of "border." "Border" means that
>> some content is encapsulated on all sides, but this definition only
>> discusses one side. Think the \b pattern in PCRE for how I would imagine
>> something named "border" to behave.
>> "Frontier" feels more appropriate, but if we follow Dirk's suggestion to
>> avoid collision with %f then perhaps "edge" or "threshold" might be
>> a reasonable term.
> Yay, bikeshedding. “edge” seems fine to me, but “threshold” less so. It
> makes me think of crossing doors and gates into something else. (I.e. it
> has the same problem for me that you had with “border”.) Perhaps “limit” or
> “boundary”. (You may feel “boundary” is pretty much “border”, but I see it
> more as the limit, rather than an area with action on either side.)
> P
In this game "offer your word" I'd offer "right margin".