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Coda Highland <> wrote:
> I'm not sure I agree with the choice of "border." "Border" means that
> some content is encapsulated on all sides, but this definition only
> discusses one side. Think the \b pattern in PCRE for how I would imagine
> something named "border" to behave.
> "Frontier" feels more appropriate, but if we follow Dirk's suggestion to
> avoid collision with %f then perhaps "edge" or "threshold" might be
> a reasonable term.

Yay, bikeshedding. “edge” seems fine to me, but “threshold” less so. It
makes me think of crossing doors and gates into something else. (I.e. it
has the same problem for me that you had with “border”.) Perhaps “limit” or
“boundary”. (You may feel “boundary” is pretty much “border”, but I see it
more as the limit, rather than an area with action on either side.)

We have not been faced with the need to satisfy someone else's
requirements, and for this freedom we are grateful.
    Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson, The UNIX Time-Sharing System