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On Sep 14, 2016 8:41 AM, "Roberto Ierusalimschy" <> wrote:
> > > That is, a border points to any position in a table where a non-nil value
> > > is followed by a nil value (or to 0, when position 1 is empty).
> >
> > This is a little bit hard to understand. Is the border meant to point
> > to the last element, or to the first nil? The language might need some
> > refinement. I'll think about it for a while to see what I can come up
> > with.
> You are right. New try:
>    That is, a border is the (positive integer) index of any non-nil
>    value in a table that is followed by a nil value (or 0, when
>    index 1 is empty.)
> -- Roberto

At this point I'd take out the parentheses. It's a significant point of definition instead of an afterthought that follows from the rest of it.

/s/ Adam