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Hello, list!

In the name of the LuaRocks development team, I'm happy to announce
LuaRocks 2.3.0. LuaRocks is a package management system for Lua
modules. (For more information, please visit )

Those of you on Unix who are running LuaRocks as a rock (i.e. those
who previously installed using `make bootstrap`) can install it using:

   luarocks install luarocks

What's new since 2.3.0:

* New test suite based on Busted; runs on Linux, OSX and Windows. This
test suite was developed by Robert Karasek as his Google Summer of
Code project for LabLua. You can check out the combined coverage of
all platforms at CodeCov:
* git+ssh:// fetch protocol
* Improved behavior preserving permissions
* Improved listing of dependencies on installation
* Improved behavior of argument handling in `pack`
* MSYS and Haiku platform detection
* Feature-based detection of internal bit32 and utf8 modules
* Internal reorganization of luarocks.fs code
* `remove` option --force=fast renamed to --force-fast
* Plus assorted bugfixes and cleanups

This release features new commits by myself, Peter Melnichenko, Geoff
Leyland, Jonathan Goble, Philipp Janda, Ignacio Burgueño, Thijs
Schreijer, Karel Tuma, Daniel Lemos, Gurjot Bhatti, Robert Karasek,
Cameron Moy, Mihai Branescu, Ryan Hartlage, Kyle McLamb, Xpol Wan. The server is maintained by Leaf Corcoran. We thank everyone
who sent comments, submitted bug reports and contributed rockspecs to
the repository!

As always, all kinds of feedback is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, enjoy!

-- Hisham