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On 01/09/2016 06:03, Sean Conner wrote:

  Also, saying "[a]ssuming a proper add_attribute ..." is missing the point
*entirely*  It's a FUCKING EXAMPLE!  It shows a potential problem, and one
that, depending on how code *might* be written (and certainly not how you
demand code be written) could hide a bug for a long time.  How hard is that
to get through your skull?  There are times when something you think should
never happen (a phone calling itself) does.  There are times when you botch
the logic and bad things happen.  And there are times where you are forced
to do things you don't necessarily agree with (code wise).

That's where the fun for the mathematicians (or computer scientists) ends and where the pa... *ahem* ... fun for the (software) engineers begins (Murphy was an engineer)! [1]


  That you continally *miss* the point is what is so frustrating in your

"When the wise man point at the moon, the fo... *ahem* ... the misguided man looks at the finger!" :-)

  -spc (Okay, now *plonk*)



-- Lorenzo

[1] Sorry, I couldn't resist posting an undergraduate-like cross-faculty joke ("mathematicians vs. engineers", a la "gorilla vs. shark" [2] )! It's therapeutic! :-D

Disclaimers: (1) Yes, I'm an engineer; (2) Some of my best friends are mathematicians! :-)