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On 01/09/16 01:03 AM, Sean Conner wrote:
   That you continally *miss* the point is what is so frustrating in your

I don't miss the point. Every issue you have with this proposal can be simulated with [[ and ]].

local title = [[title"
local attribute = "attribute]]

But you won't do that. Why's it different for ' and "? If you do mess it up, chances are most of the time you'll get a compile error. If not, you'll probably get a runtime error. If not, then you're in the < 1% of the cases that do actually run but don't work properly. The benefits of this proposal far outweigh the risks.

   -spc (Okay, now *plonk*)

[1]	In the North American Numbering Plan, any exchange of 555 is
	reserved for examples, much like '' and '' is
	reserved for examples.  These are not real phone numbers.

[2]	It's a very small charge, something on the order of a hundredth of a
	cent thereabouts, but it does add up.  Also, these are The
	Monopolistic Phone Companies we're talking about---they charge for
	*everything* coming or going.  This is yet another it is what it is.

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