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It was thus said that the Great Soni L. once stated:
> On 31/08/16 10:35 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> >It was thus said that the Great Sean Conner once stated:
> >>	attrib = 'title"
> >>	title  = 'This is the Title of this Object"
> >   Before Soni replies that will will give an error before taking some
> >moments to think about it, let me change the example a tiny bit:
> >
> >	attrib = 'title"
> >	title  = "This is the Title of this Object'
> >
> >	add_attribute(attrib,title)
> >
> >   And yes, mismatched quotes bite me quite often in Lua code.
> >
> >   -spc (Sigh---a bug in the sample bug)
> >
> >
> Assuming a proper add_attribute that doesn't accept nils (it really 
> shouldn't), you get a runtime error!

Quoting Lorenzo Donati, just in case you didn't see it:

> This nonetheless, I think you are a bit deaf on what people tell you
> (besides strict technical matters), so you end up looking like a
> sophist. Sophism can be good food for thought sometimes, but too much of
> it decreases the signal-to-noise ratio of this list in a way most people
> here would find fatiguing or even annoying.
> That's why (I suspect) you get such a bunch of "off-topic" answers to an
> interesting question like the one you started this thread with.

  -spc (