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On 16-08-30 09:01 PM, Lorenzo Donati wrote:
> On 26/08/2016 19:22, Martin wrote:
>> So if you are going to sort infinite sequence and want to see
>> intermediate results sorted - those are good algorithms. (Insertion sort
>> is simpler so almost any CS girl can implement it, heapsort is liked by
>> "old-school hackers" who like binary shifts and obscure and fast code.)
> Mmmh "so almost any CS girl can implement it". This could sound a bit
> sexist. There are a couple of smart girls on this list that probably
> won't appreciate that.
You're the second person who mentions this. I have no intention to raise
"men are stronger and smarter than women!11" (or wymen?) flame. This is
just silly and boring, especially in such list. For me this reaction
looks like oversensitivity and exploitable via smart trolling. Anyone
may have their own point of view.

Lua is great, some algorithms are sexy in imagination and implementation
(as some girls). No offense.