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> On Thu, 25 Aug 2016, Soni L. wrote:
>> Have y'all noticed how pretty much all sorting algorithms rely on length?
>> Are there any sorting algorithms that aren't explicitly aware of the
>> sequence/array length, and instead just happen to produce a sorted array?
>> (i.e. a sorting algorithm that doesn't rely on # or manual length
>> calculations, and doesn't explicitly try to find the boundary where the
>> array ends.)
>> Even the current Lua sorting algorithm uses the table length. Would be
>> interesting if there was a sorting algorithm about as fast as Lua's current
>> sorting algorithm, but without relying on length.

Awhile back I posted a set of links to all the iterated sorting pages
I could find on the wiki. [1] You might check those pages to see if
you can find what you seek.

Best regards,



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