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This is a new release of LuaCov, a coverage analysis tool for Lua:


It is available via LuaRocks:

    luarocks install luacov

I also released the first version of CLuaCov:

CLuaCov provides experimental C modules that LuaCov 0.12.0
can use (if CLuaCov is installed) to improve performance and
to reduce number of lines falsely reported as missed when in reality
they never could be hit.

CLuaCov is also avaliavle via LuaRocks and depends on LuaCov, so
that the whole thing can still be installed with one command:

    luarocks install cluacov

I'm looking forward to any feedback on CLuaCov so that I can decide if it
should be included in LuaCov by default.

Other changes in LuaCov 0.12.0:

* Changed config format: options are now set by assigning to globals,
  old format (returning a table) is still supported.
* Added 'tick' config option, equivalent to using 'luacov.tick' module.
* Fixed coverage data being saved to wrong file when using relative
  'statsfile' path and the program running LuaCov changes directories.
* Improved config loading error handling.
* Added ':on_file_error()' stub method to base reporter class, used for
  reporting problems when analyzing coverage data related to a file.


-- Peter