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This is already a few days old, but I didn't make an official announcement to the list yet. So here it is. :-)

I am very happy to announce that CodeFlow has reached version 1.0 (and now even 1.0.1).

What is CodeFlow? 

CodeFlow is a Live Application Development Environment in Lua for iOS, tvOS and macOS.

Live Application Development is a more-natural more-interactive way of developing applications. Where old-style App development considers code-writing and app-running as two separate steps in the development cycle, Live Application Development gives you the freedom to code your application while it is running. Seeing the results of source code edits immediately in the real application, without having to re-build, re-load and re-run it, is an incredibly fun and powerful developer experience!

CodeFlow enables Live Application Development for iOS, tvOS, and macOS without compromising on application features or developer's freedom.
With CodeFlow, you create native applications, that use native OS APIs, and run their native UI at native speed. 

CodeFlow comes as an IDE, running on macOS. This IDE includes a dedicated Lua code editor, with advanced syntactic capabilities, and a powerful, always-available Lua debugger. 

Other CodeFlow features include live-design of storyboards (UI definition files), with immediate feedback in the running application, live-update of application resources (images, data files…), and automatic generation of bindings libraries to expose native C, Objective-C and Swift APIs to the Lua code. 

In addition, for quick experimentation with Lua code, CodeFlow supports the execution of Lua code inside the IDE, in 'Local Lua Contexts', with full access to the same debug facilities as with external target applications.


- a Mac running macOS 10.10 or higher;
- Xcode 7.3 or higher (including Xcode 8 beta) for building and running iOS, tvOS and macOS applications.


- CodeFlow (registration required): 
- If you want to develop for iOS 10, tvOS 10 or macOS 10.12, you will also need the corresponding OS SDK bindings, available as a separate download:  
  (For more information about the support of the new OSs in CodeFlow, please read the CodeFlow 1.0.1 blog post: )