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Github page say:

curl -o && . ./

may be better =>

curl -o && chmod +x ./ && . ./


Am 22.05.2016 um 23:02 schrieb Dhaval Kapil:
Hello, everyone!

'luavm' is a version manager for Lua.

Recently, I was working in lua and needed to switch between different
versions frequently. This caused me various issues, like reinstalling
versions of lua, reinstalling luarocks to with the new lua versions,
etc. I even messed up with my installation somehow. To help deal with
these problems and being inspired by the usefulness of 'nvm'(Node
Version Manager) and 'rvm'(Ruby Version Manager) I decided to develop


1. luavm helps to install multiple versions of Lua, LuaJIT, and Luarocks.
2. It helps to switch between these versions easily. At a particular
time, only one version is in use.
3. The developer directly uses the commands 'lua', 'luajit' and
'luarocks' without worrying about anything.
4. Consistency is maintained between Luarocks and Lua. i.e. changing lua
version also changes the luarocks version without any glitches.

My main motive was to remove from the programmer, the burden of managing
different versions.

You can learn more about luavm by going to the above-mentioned link.

It is still in its development stage, suggestions and improvements are
most welcome!
I would be very grateful if people try it and report back any bugs.

Dhaval Kapil <>