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Just published the first part of a  « Get started with Lua » article at and I post it here as it may interest people in the Lua community.

This is essentially another Lua tutorial purely focused on the language itself (version 5.2 for now, until I find time to migrate CodeFlow to 5.3). 
The target audience are developers coming from compiled languages like C, Swift or Objective-C, and using a Lua IDE like celedev CodeFlow. But it can of course be read by anyone. :-)

If you are curious about it, one of the main reasons for writing a Lua tutorial is that most of those I’m aware of are heavily based on the use of the Lua command line interpreter, and therefore don’t talk much about important subjects (IMO) like local variables scoping, upvalues, or chunks.

Also be aware that it is intended as a « Get Started », meaning that important-but-complex parts of Lua like all the meta-programming features have been voluntarily omitted.