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It was thus said that the Great Egor Skriptunoff once stated:
> Hi!
> It appears that in Lua 5.3 usual call to tonumber() is not enough
> to correctly parse numbers entered by user from file or keyboard.
> For example,
> local googol = tonumber("1"..("0"):rep(100))
> gives zero (instead of 1e+100 as in previous Lua versions).

  I've read the other messages in this thread, and my question is:  why was
the behavior of tonumber() even changed for Lua 5.3?  Have it always return
a double because math.tointeger() exists to parse integers.  You want a
number, use tonumber().  You want to ensure you parse an integer, use
math.tointeger().  That would at least prevent problems like this from
happening in the first place.

> *One more syntax-related wish*:
> Please let us use single quote as separator in float and integer literals:
> local million = 1'000'000
> local micro   = 0.000'001
> local mask32  = 0xFFFF'FFFF

  Personally, I would prefer to use '_' instead.