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It was thus said that the Great David Given once stated:
> On 23/02/16 22:33, Luke Drummond wrote:
> [...]
> > `` returns `errno` as its 3rd return value
> That is, unfortunately, not documented. Can I rely on it?
> There's also a more subtle problem --- errnos aren't very standardised.
> Luckily, the low-value ones are usually the same across platforms (I
> need to support Windows *and* Linux *and* BSD *and* OSX). ENOENT seems
> to be 2 on most. I found a handy table:
> Shame there isn't a portable way of converting an errno to an identifier
> string and back...

  Um ... there is a module that does just that [1].  It's a C based module,
but it is available as a LuaRock, and I even gave an example of its use [2].

  -spc (I'm just saying ... )