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Hi All,

I am the developer behind the and
projects and I based both websites (pretty much identical in code and
appearance at the moment) on and OpenResty
(NGINX) on a VPS I'm renting.

I now have to fix a few things and make minor improvements to them
(mostly CSS + maybe a few Javascript / HTML) but I'm realistically
lacking the time to invest in obtaining the required knowledge.

As such, I am currently looking for someone who is skilled in the
field and willing to do such work.

Given the open source nature of my work I more than welcome 'open
source' contributions: if you like what you see / used that would be
great way for you to contribute back.

That said, I'm happy to pay for such work as well.


1a. the navbar does not renderer properly on small devices

1b. the navbar currently uses some Javascript to place itself on the
top of the page (this is because the original website I took it from, used a fancier visualisation technique which required
it), I would like the positioning to be done via HTML5 + CSS only (I'm
sure it's possible and actually easier)

2. there are issues with html tags in prettified <code> content, see:
There was a javascript function to handle this but I had to comment it
out because otherwise the <code> content would be rendered as escaped
(for example: x < y would be rendered as x &lt; y, which is not OK), I
believe this to be a problem of double escaping or wrong ordering in
Javascript calls

3. I would like to introduce a very minor graphical diversification
between the two websites which are otherwise identical (maybe just

4. I would like to improve the way my ULua packages are displayed,
something among the lines of (i.e. show more
info and display it more compactly)

Please feel free to follow up here or privately, contributions to
single points are welcome as well.

Thank you.