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> The problem is that many (standard) floating point functions are used in
> the C code. These function calls cannot be removed by modifying the
> configuration file. Also, many math constants are used, which may not be
> defined in the math library being used. The "fixing a few library calls..."
> is not that easy and as you say, it's error prone.

It would be more useful if you give concrete data, instead of generic
claims. Which/where floating point functions are used in the code? Which
constants? Why they are difficult to be corrected through the
configuration file?

> IMHO, the best solution would be to have support for "integer only" as an
> option in the main Lua branch by for example using ifdefs in the C code.

Of course, the best solution for you is to get your specific needs
fulfilled (that seems to be an univeral truth). The best solution for us
may involve some other metric.

-- Roberto