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On Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Jorge <> wrote:
Hi to everyone.

A question, what do you people use for documenting datastructures? Say, you program has a table that maps string to arrays of numbers, or have a function that receive a table with specific set of keys expected, and stuff like that.

Ideally, some portable/standard/intuitive option would be great, like a pseudocode but for data structures. Alternatively, I'm aware there are some data description formats for the typed variations of lua, perhaps some of that could be used?


There is UML and its various profiles. ContTeX or LuaLaTeX, plus PGF/TiKz  with the... TiKzUML(?) package works really well for me. I'm having troubles with the googles right now, but I can provide links, if you desire. 

TiKz works well for developing mini-DSL/notations that can work for this purpose, if UML is not to your liking. 

LaTeX and friends can be a large stack to swallow, but it's very well documented.