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Hi list,

I've released Luacheck 0.11.0. Luacheck is a linter for Lua and detects
accidental globals, unused variables, etc., and can be used from the command
line, as a Lua module or through an editor plugin,
see for more info.

Main changes in this version:

* During config lookup all directories starting from current one and up to
  file system root are traversed in search of config.
* New `--exclude-files` and `--include-files` options for file filtering
  using globbing patterns.
* More options can now be used inline in Lua comments.
* More flexibility in config loading and standard globals selection.
  `files.spec.std = "+busted"` is a nice new one-liner to put into your
  .luacheckrc if you are using Busted testing framework.
* There is now a fixed interface for editor plugins which allows
  loading config and per-path overrides correctly and provides token
  ranges for editor to highlight.

See for full list.

Luacheck can be installed using Luarocks (sudo luarocks install luacheck) or
manually, see readme on GitHub.