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> Le 6 juil. 2015 à 15:55, Marc Balmer <> a écrit :
> Luis,
> Am 17.11.13 um 16:30 schrieb Luis Carvalho:
>> Hi Marc,
>>> During the last german PostgreSQL conference, I was asked if I could do
>>> something to ensure PL/Lua is always in a good shape and tested/adapted
>>> to the latest PostgreSQL versions.
>>> Since I use both PostgreSQL and Lua heavily (and I wrote the
>>> Lua/PostgreSQL interface at, I would of course take
>>> this challenge.  But since you are the maintainer I see a conflict here ;)
>>> What is the best way to deak with?  Should I crete a "clone" and call it
>>> e.g. PL/PgLua?
>> You can do that, or I can add you as admin in PL/Lua.
> today I got a message from GitHub that an invitation to join PL/Lua was
> cancelled, I was not even aware I got that invitation.... :(
> I am still very much interested in maintaining PL/Lua, preferrably under
> where I also maintain luapgsql, the client interface
> to PostgreSQL (so that all is in one location).
> What do you think, what would work best?

I was the one who sent you an invitation but that was a few months ago and you did not accept it (probably missed it). So I just cancelled it today. I will send you another invitation. PL/Lua is on github and has its own "organization" (in Github jargon) so this will the place where you can contribute as well as your own forks and clones of the main repository.

Bertrand Mansion