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that's part of the problem. there is a transmitter simulator for the PC, but it has much more resources so the memory problems do not occur. That means I can't do bugfixing the normal way. 

I thought if someone would look through the code to see if the structure is correct or not, and see any starters faults. 

there are some functions specificly loaded for the taranis transmitter. The drawtext is such a function. They are preceded by 'lcd.' for the screen functions, and by 'model.' for the transmitter specific settings for channels and mixes and so on.

Thanks for at least looking at it.

Met vriendelijke groet

Guido ter Horst
+32 499 708000

On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 6:18 PM, Parke <> wrote:
On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 5:04 AM, Guido ter Horst
<> wrote:
> im new to LUA and using it for the Taranis model airplane transmitter, a
> hobby project.
> Im trying to write a custom menu for setting only the parameters in the
> radio I want to change.
> Im kind of stuck: i have set up a basic menu, and once you pick a page
> listed it will load that page.if you hit another button, it will return to
> the picklist again.
> However, although all pages load for the first time, it will always crash
> after load for the second or third time. It must be somthing with upvalues
> created where I dont see them??
> Any help possible would be appreciated.

You might want to ask whomever provided you the software.

> lcd.drawText( 150, 2, pages.title, DBLSIZE )
>     lcd.drawText( 140, 20, menus[currentMenu].name,0 )
>     lcd.drawText( 162, 56, "version " .. version, SMLSIZE)

lcd.drawText is not a standard Lua function.

The standard Lua functions are documented here:

What happens on a "crash"?  Can you view a stack trace?