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On Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 5:04 AM, Guido ter Horst
<> wrote:
> im new to LUA and using it for the Taranis model airplane transmitter, a
> hobby project.
> Im trying to write a custom menu for setting only the parameters in the
> radio I want to change.
> Im kind of stuck: i have set up a basic menu, and once you pick a page
> listed it will load that page.if you hit another button, it will return to
> the picklist again.
> However, although all pages load for the first time, it will always crash
> after load for the second or third time. It must be somthing with upvalues
> created where I dont see them??
> Any help possible would be appreciated.

You might want to ask whomever provided you the software.

> lcd.drawText( 150, 2, pages.title, DBLSIZE )
>     lcd.drawText( 140, 20, menus[currentMenu].name,0 )
>     lcd.drawText( 162, 56, "version " .. version, SMLSIZE)

lcd.drawText is not a standard Lua function.

The standard Lua functions are documented here:

What happens on a "crash"?  Can you view a stack trace?