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On 05-May-15 12:28, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
You need to worry only if you program has been written as a integer-only code,
like the factorial example discussed earlier.

This morning I set out to convert four small programs and one mid-sized program to Lua 5.3

The small programs just worked (some of them had trigonometric functions, but they used math.floor() when the result had to be an integer.

The mid-sized program failed on a certain set of input data...
...but it turned out to be a mistake of mine three layers above: I forgot that a certain non-critical value was not guaranteed to be an integer and, as a consequence, a bitwise operation failed much later. I could have 'fixed' it just before the bitwise operation to emulate Lua 5.2 behaviour, but of course I looked for its root cause.

So, it looks like I worried without reason about possible fp/int problems, while in fact moving to Lua 5.3 has been painless for me.

Thanks for the excellent work on Lua... and for making me find an obscure bug ;-)