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> Is English the language of movies? Better would be "English is the
> of
> Science (or Aviation, or Business), and since we have to learn it for
> purposes, we may as well make it the language of 'X' as well". So pretty
> much
> every programmer has to learn Javascript at some point for browser
> programming

Nothing against learning Javascript or English, but that shouldn't by
definition preclude learning other languages. :)

A good argument to use in defense of that is the classic "right tool
for the job" one.

-- Hisham

One of the problems with discussions amongst coders is our tendency to think
in binary. Perhaps the most urgent thing most coders need to learn is fuzzy
logic - it might improve their everyday thinking as well as their coding! In
English, the clues are phrasing such as "pretty much" and "may as well",
which should tell you that I am talking about trends and tendencies not
prescriptive rules. Nothing I said should have implied "precluding" learning
languages other than English and Javascript, just that those choices have
some advantages over other choices which are essentially pragmatic, not
intrinsic to the qualities of those languages.

"Tools for the job" certainly applies to a choice between one of
C/C++/Objective C/C#/Java on one hand and
JavaScript/Python/Lua/Ruby/Pearl/PHP on the other. However the inherent
qualities of the languages in each group tend to get swamped by pragmatic
considerations such as JavaScript's advantage of being (for all intents and
purposes) part of HTML5.

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