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When I started this project, I didn't find a solution which perfectly fitted my needs.

If I understand well how srlua works, the advantages I see for the luawrapper approach are :
 * lua dependencies are embedded too, not only the C ones, if I recall well for example, luasocket comes with both C and lua parts. And I had a dependency on it in my project.
 * the lua script is appended to the main executable, while this approach works, if one wants to strip the executable for any reason, things will break. Again, this was mandatory in my case.

On the other hand, srlua doesn't rely on the elf format thus it is more portable. As I don't know a thing about the windows platform, I'm not able to overcome this limitation.

Apart from that, I think both approaches are quite similar. And if someone think it can be of any use, I would gladly help to merge the two.

2015-03-31 10:17 GMT+02:00 steve donovan <>:
On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 6:32 AM, Nicolas CARRIER
<> wrote:
> Because only the elf format is targeted, this approach should work only on
> platforms able to execute it. It has been tested on debian x86 64 and 32
> bits and on 32 bits arm targets.

Why not use the srlua trick, which works everywhere as far as I know?